General sales terms and conditions

Art. 1 ORDERS – When receiving an order PRIMAX confirms it with an order confirmation which is sent back to their customer. The order is processed when the order confirmation is sent back to PRIMAX duly signed and stamped by appointed person as sign of acceptance and understanding of all sales terms.

Art. 2 PRICES - Prices listed herein are quoted Ex Works San Vito al Tagliamento (PN) as per ICC Incoterms last version, V.A.T. excluded.

Art. 3 PACKING - Prices listed herein include standard packing (pallet, nylon and cardboard protection); different packings (i.e.: crates, wooden boxes, etc.) will be quoted on request.

Art. 4 TRANSPORTATION and DELIVERY – Goods are generally shipped at customer’s risk as per ICC EXW delivery terms. Other delivery terms such as but not limited to CIF, CFR, FOB, FCA, CPT, etc. are subject to the corresponding ICC terms, latest release and must be agreed upon in writing.

Art. 5 SHIPPING DAMAGES - At goods receipt the customer must check the goods integrity and report immediately to the shipper any visible as well as internal damages. No complain on transport damages can be accepted by PRIMAX at a later stage. Complains on damages not deriving from transportation must be forwarded to PRIMAX within 5 days from goods receipt.

Art. 6 SHIPPING DATE – The shipping dates mentioned on order confirmation forms are not binding and may be subject to changes due to manufacturing process. Delayed shipping times do not entitle the customer to any refund nor PRIMAX accepts any liability thereupon.

Art. 7 PAYMENTS - In case of delayed or failed payments, interests at official rate, as reported in Dlgs. 231/2002 (Italian Law), will be charged from due date to actual payment date. In case of failed payment PRIMAX can righteously terminate the contract without any further compensations or refunds being due. In case of down payments or part payments these will not be returned and will be withheld by PRIMAX as damage compensation.

Art. 8 MODIFICATIONS ON PRODUCTS - PRIMAX reserve the right to modify their products either aesthetically or technically without any notification, including orders in progress. The client’s right to an equivalent product is guaranteed whatever modification may take place.

Art. 9 INSTALLATION - Products installation, connection and running tests, as well as customer’s and user’s trainings, are at customer’s charge. PRIMAX Sales Dept. is available for quotations.

Art. 10 FINAL PROVISIONS - if individual clauses of these General Terms should be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining clauses shall remain unaffected.

Any contract concluded between PRIMAX and the customer including these General Terms shall be governed by Italian law, excluding conflict-of-law rules and Vienna Convention on International Sale of Goods 1980.

For any disputes arising from or related to these General Conditions and or to sales of goods by PRIMAX the Court of PRIMAX legal seat shall have exclusive jurisdiction. PRIMAX insofar as leader of the legal action reserves the right to shift the jurisdiction to other law courts. Note: PRIMAX declines any responsibility for inaccuracies contained in this price list.


Warranty, which is valid for 12 months, starts from invoice date.

PRIMAX warrants its products from manufacturing defects. Parts recognized to be defective from origin will be replaced or repaired at PRIMAX’s choice. The warranty covers parts only so no labour costs deriving from the actual part replacement will be borne by PRIMAX.

Warranty does not cover parts damaged by improper use, wrong installation, and if tampered with by unauthorized personnel.

Warranty does not cover:

  • Parts subject to normal wear and tear.
  • Electric parts
  • Parts damaged by a machine wrong wiring to mains which irreparably affected some elements;
  • Damages not clearly and duly explained or for which there is no professional report.

Warranty is automatically null and void if the serial number is erased, modified or no longer readable. PRIMAX is not responsible for non-production, food damages, software programming errors or wrong use of the equipment


Claims for parts under warranty must be sent to PRIMAX Service Dept. in written with a complete report quoting the serial number.

Replacement spare parts will be invoiced. Before sending back the damaged parts, please check if the PRIMAX Service Department has sent you an authorization number; without it PRIMAX goods receiving department cannot accept the parcel, which will be rejected.

After duly checking the returned part, if the warranty replacement is assessed by PRIMAX Service, PRIMAX will issue a credit note for the same value of the parts themselves.

If the claim is not assessed by PRIMAX Service, then a complete report on their controls and verifications will be sent to the customer.


For parts in warranty replaced during the warranty time warranty will expire when the oven’s period is over. Note: The data contained in this document are to be considered subject to errors and/ or omissions.


Although the information in this price list is presented in good faith and believed to be correct at the time of printing, Primax makes no representations or warranties as to the completeness or accuracy of the information. Primax has no liability for any errors or omissions in the materials.

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